How to Write a LinkedIn Profile to Generate Job Leads

Many professionals a hire a LinkedIn profile writer to write a LinkedIn profile to move their career and job search forward. Are you thinking, why?

Developing a LinkedIn profile that will be searchable and found by hiring managers or recruiters can be a challenge. For many job seekers, having this networking platform at their disposal with an excellent profile will be paramount to career success. This platform isn’t going away, so it’s best to get up to speed with this professional networking platform.

If you choose to do it yourself, learning how to write a LinkedIn profile is critical. You need to maximize this networking powerhouse by using it efficiently.

An important technique for getting noticed and landing interviews is through social networking. The ability to make connections with other people in your industry unlocks tons of potential job opportunities.

That is why social networking sites like LinkedIn are such a great tool for job seekers. LinkedIn is a community of 50 million members and counting, who are all joined for business purposes, which include hiring and employment searching.

LinkedIn is one of the hottest new networking sites on the internet, and so it’s vital that you have a keyword-optimized, search-specific, and value-added profile to ensure that your perfect employer can find you to fill the position you desire and deserve.

How do companies and recruiters use LinkedIn?

Hiring committees use LinkedIn to find new and exciting talent for their businesses, so it is an excellent way to shorten your job search. The best part is that your LinkedIn profile can be used to complement your resume, and allows employers to peruse your expertise and skills on their schedule.

It’s important to have an impressive profile that showcases your strengths and competencies. You also need your profile content to be keyword-rich. Having a searchable profile will get picked up by search engines and employer searches.

Write a LinkedIn profile to open career opportunities to secure job offers:

  • A useful online career tool that displays all your important strengths, skills, and experience.
  • Shows your personality, passion, and value.
  • The ability to be found by employers in both LinkedIn and Google searches.
  • The opportunity to network about career opportunities with old friends and colleagues.
  • A learning platform like no other, because you can network with like minds.

A LinkedIn profile is an essential job search marketing tool for today’s job seeker. If you write a LinkedIn profile correctly, it can be accessible outside of LinkedIn via search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo.

If you incorporate the right keywords to match the position you have or wish to secure, the higher you will appear in search results with search engines—regardless of your level of credentials.

Include employment recommendations

The option to include recommendations from your real-world network will also help to build your credibility and will carry a lot of weight in your profile. The more detailed your profile development is, the better. List all your valuable information about your past and present employment, education, job industry, and websites.

Use appropriate keywords to target a job position and industry.  Do not rehash your resume; you need a summary section to show your personality. Keywords will allow you to be searchable for the targeted job. Employers or recruiters need to find you. You will need to upload a professional headshot for your profile picture if you wish to get anyone to contact you. A picture is a MUST!

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Don’t take any chances with your future. Let recruiters find YOU instead of the other way around.

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