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Five Tips to Ensure Interview Success Plus Five Things to Avoid

interviewEver wondered what to do to ensure interview success? When interviewing for that all-important job opportunity, the last thing that you want to do is make a horrible first impression on your potential boss. In an interview, you want to be likable and win over your interviewer, so here are five simple things that you should do to ensure interview success, as well as five things that you should avoid at all costs during an interview.

Interview Success Starts with These 5 Tips

1. Ask the Interviewer Informed Questions

When you’re given a chance to ask your interviewer questions, don’t come at them with boring or off-target subjects. Don’t ask questions about routine elements or functions of the job, but do ask intelligent, well-prepared questions. You don’t want to make your interviewer think you will waste valuable company time on unimportant matters.

2. Research the Company  – Do Homework

The interview is a chance for you to put your best foot forward and impress your potential employer. Don’t waste the opportunity with random chit-chat. Instead, talk about subjects related to your field, the specific position, and your past related experiences.

3. Bring an Impressive Portfolio

A great way to show proof of your excellence is to bring examples of past work successes. A portfolio is an incredibly important selling feature for you. Make sure to organize it and have it in excellent condition—this will show that you take pride in your work.

4. Dress for Interview Success

As this is your first impression, what you wear says a lot about how seriously you take the opportunity and the company. Shine your shoes, dry clean your suit, dress modestly, and look professional.

5. Be Pleasant and Bring a Positive Attitude

Your interviewer is looking for someone who will take on challenges with aplomb; don’t disappoint them with a nay-saying attitude. Watch your tone of voice as well. If your interviewer asks you a question which you think is common knowledge, don’t answer it with exasperation, answer it with authority. If you have a bad attitude in the interview, the hiring staff will make a connection to how you act in the office. Nobody wants an employee with a bad attitude.

5 Ways to Leave a Bad Impression in Your Interview

1. Excessive Smiling and Grinning

It’s always a good idea to be pleasant, but don’t go overboard into dopey. If you smile too much, it can make it evident to your interviewer that you are overly nervous.

2. Sweating

If you have a problem with controlling your nerves and are prone to sweating when nervous, remember to wear lighter clothing. An interviewer will not want to shake your clammy hand or see your sweat stains. Wear a light undershirt that’s designed to soak up excess perspiration.

3. Exaggerating or Lying About Past Performances

Nobody likes an exaggerator. And your potential employer will be able to sniff out your lies. If you get the job based on the lies you told in the interview, chances are you’ll end up being over your head. So don’t do it. Period.

4. Jokes

You may think it would be a good idea to lighten the mood with a few jokes, but humor is very subjective and is way too risky to attempt in an interview.

5. Paint Past Employers in a Negative Light

You may have intensely disliked your time at a certain company or organization, but painting your employer in a negative light can make you come across as a whiner, and may make your interviewer want to dig deeper by calling your employer to find out the truth. As a potential candidate, you need to come across in the interview as confident, in control, and friendly. If you do these five no-nos during the interview it will sabotage your actual worth by taking attention away from your skills and abilities.

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