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What Not To Do When Interviewing For A Job

interviewWhat Not To Do When Interviewing For A Job

When interviewing for that all important job opportunity, the last thing that you want to do is make a horrible first impression on your potential future boss. In an interview, you want to be likeable and win over your interviewer. So, here are five simple things that you should avoid doing at all costs during an interview.

1. Excessive smiling

This might sound at first like something you’d think you should do during an interview. After all, it is always a good idea to be pleasant. Excessive smiling, however, is going overboard into seemingly dopey. If you smile too much, it can make it evident to your interviewer that you are overly nervous and uncomfortable. Remember to try and act as natural as possible.

2. Sweating

If you have a problem with controlling your nerves and are prone to sweating when nervous, remember to wear lighter clothing. An interviewer will not want to shake your clammy hand or see your sweat stains. Wear a light undershirt that is designed to soak up excess perspiration to help in this area. If you know your palms will be sweaty, bring Kleenex or hand sanitizer to use right before your interview begins so your interviewer will not have to shake a damp hand.

3. Exaggerating or lying about past performances

Nobody likes an exaggerator. And your potential employer will be able to sniff out your lies. If you take full credit for a project completed by you as part of a team, or make up accomplishments during a past position, your interviewer will likely find out the truth when they call your references. Furthermore, if you get the job based on the lies you told in the interview, chances are you will end up being over your head. There is a reason why companies ask their applicants to have certain skills—because you will need them on a daily basis in your job. So don’t lie or exaggerate. Period.

4. Making jokes

You may think it would be a good idea to lighten the mood with a few jokes, but humor is very subjective and is way too risky to attempt in an interview. And, although you probably won’t try to perform a stand-up routine, many candidates will try to lighten the mood by making a quip or a funny remark. This is way too risky, however, when you don’t know your audience and are in a situation that is supposed to be serious. Be safe and refrain from humor.

5. Painting your past employers in a negative light

You may have intensely disliked your time at a certain company or organization, but painting your employer in a negative light can make you come across as whiny and may make your interviewer want to dig deeper by calling your employer to find out the truth.

As a candidate, you need to come across in the interview as confident, in control, and friendly. These five no-no’s will sabotage your actual worth by taking attention away from your skills and abilities.

In your experience, what are other good things to avoid during an interview? Comment and share below! If you need interview coaching or job search help, reach out to Candace to learn more!

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