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Creating a Career Change Resume

resumeIf you are thinking about changing careers, when you are creating a career change resume it needs to be completely different from your original resume. You will want to show how the skills, education, and work experience you have transfers over to the skills, education, and experience needed for the new position. There are a few steps you need to follow to make the resume show that you are qualified for the position you are seeking.

Analyze the Position:

Read the requirements for the job completely. Make sure you understand exactly what the position entitles, what skills, education, or experience are needed to get the position. If you aren’t sure, or the details are not clear, call the personnel department or the contact information listed for the position and ask a few questions to clarify the details.

Create a Heading List:

After you have all the information, you need to see what background you have that fits the job. Divide the requirements into three or four categories, and then under each category list what skills, education, and experience you have that fits that category.

Add Your Work Recommendations:

After you have shown what background you have, then you want to list your work experience. Be short, but detailed, pointing out aspects of your job that would qualify you for areas of the new position.


If you have received recognition as having improved or helped a prior company, list it. For example, if you were recognized for your customer service skills through letters from customers, include it. If the company recognized you for your organizational or communication skills, you would want to list that, too.


After you have your skill resume ready, you’ll want to get your references ready. Do not present these until you go for an interview. Get permission first from your references, and ask them to mention any special skills or attributes you have. See if you can also get them to write you a letter of recommendation highlighting these particular skills.

Other References:

If you are involved in any neighborhood, community, church, or volunteer activities where you have used these skills to help out, you may want to get references, preferably in writing from the heads of these organizations. This will show that you can use your skills and experience in all aspects of your daily life. It will improve your chances of getting the position you are seeking.

If you’ve gone through a career change and have created a successful resume, comment and share any tips you have below! Need more help? Reach out to Candace for assistance!

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