10 Things to Do When Using Twitter for Your Job Search

10 things to do when using Twitter for your job search.

Did you know that social networking sites can be used to do more than make new friends or reconnect with old ones? Did you know you can do more than follow your favorite artist or celebrity, but also follow your professional role model? The revolution of social networks, such as Twitter, has now made it possible for you to search for a job one tweet at a time, build yourself a network of potential employers, and socialize at the same time.

With millions of users worldwide, Twitter houses numerous professionals that span every career base available. Through the site you can follow the leading professionals in your career field and find out what they think, what they do and who they interact with. You can even gain access to information such as what seminars they’ll be attending or hosting. Twitter gives you the opportunity to establish relationships with professionals you might never before have had access to. Additionally it gives you the exposure you need to build your own career and the opportunity to establish a valuable professional network. At the same time, it also gives you a chance to establish your credibility and showcase your skills and expertise.

Here are 10 tips to help when using Twitter for your job search.

  1.  Professionally brand yourself. You can do this by setting up an account that holds your professional profile, including a Twitter name that is easy to remember and sounds good.
  2.  Take your time when building up your profile.
    After all it’s the first contact that other professionals will make with you. Remember to keep in mind the target market you want to attract.
  3.  Tweet before you follow.
    The aim here is to build a network of followers by tweeting interesting articles or links before following your professional interests. This will make your profile more interesting.
  4.   Build your network.
    You can do this using Twubble, Twellow and TwitDir. Try and balance the number of people you’re following with those following you.
  5.   Aside from promoting yourself, you can also pass along someone else’s information by retweeting. This not only gains you new friends and followers but also a network of people willing to repay the kindness.
  6.  In line with the fifth point, read what others share and respond. Start conversations with others.

  7.  Make use of your direct message feature and send someone a personal note.
  8.  Don’t let fear and uncertainty stop you.
    If you’ve been following a leading professional in your field that you’d really like to talk to, send them a personal note.
  9.  Do not be afraid to say you are searching for an opportunity.
    You never know just who might be paying attention.
  10. Maintain your Twitter network.

    While you don’t need to be on every hour, keeping up to date with your account is a good idea, especially if you’re using it to look for a job.

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