Managers and Executives in Sales and Marketing Need Resumes

Managers and executives in sales and marketing need resumes that contain industry keywords, a.k.a. “industry buzzwords”. You can review sales and marking job postings and job descriptions using job search engines or websites to locate current keywords to include when writing a sales and marketing resume.

Relevant Keywords

For example, the keywords “proactive marketing techniques,” “outside sales experience,” “strategic alliances,” “sales forecasting,” and “solution selling” are just a few of the many buzzwords that you can add when writing your sales and marketing resume. Use relevant words to tailor your resume to the sales industry, but also the position, whether it is business development manager, sales executive managers, social media manager, sales territory manager, account executive, or marketing representative.

Resume Formats

Use bullet points to highlight specific skills and abilities you want to focus your resume towards. There are three main styles of resumes to choose from. These include the chronological resume, the functional resume, and the combination resume. The chronological resume focuses on your work experiences in chronological order. The functional resume stresses your skills and abilities. The combination resume uses elements of both chronological and functional resumes.

Benefits of the Combination Resume

The combination resume often works well for a marketing resume or a sales resume. This style highlights your skills while also showing your work experience. Those with less sales experience will want to emphasize their skills and education over previous work experience.

When listing your skills, always try to use examples to prove your point. This is particularly important when it comes to the sales resume. If you have had high sales revenues, focus on them during a sales or marketing job interview. Be sure to list any awards or recognition you received.

If you don’t have previous experience, concentrate on the qualities that you have that will make you a good salesperson.  For example, if you have excellent communication skills, you can emphasize that on a resume or during an interview.

The resume must be aesthetically pleasing. Try to fit your resume onto one page, but, if that’s not possible, don’t place too much information onto each page. The purpose of a resume is to show a small sample of your talents in order to get you an interview.

Pare down your information and leave the details for the interview. Make your resume easily scannable by keeping the font at least 12-point and by using Arial or Georgia. Try to make the resume easy to read by using bullet points for some areas.


Every type of industry needs a sales force to sell the products or services which earn profits for the company. The results achieved by the sales staff directly affect the bottom line and make salespeople some of the most important employees in the company. Many sales positions use a territory method for dividing potential customers. Uncovering your sales experience, accomplishments, and core competencies if you need to transition to another position in a different industry.

Most types of sales positions offer a base salary with commissions based on sales. Negotiation of the position is often part of the interview and hiring process. Do your homework before applying so that you understand what the average salaries and commission rates are for the particular industry.

Some sales positions require you to do cold calling, while others use sales leads, and some use both. The best sales candidates are those who have the unique sales skills to sell products or services using many methods.

A sales manager is looking for someone who can sell, and that includes selling yourself. For this reason, you should consider using our service to create an accomplishment-based, visually appealing resume that will get your foot in the door.

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