An Important Part of Your Job Search Plan

When you’re planning your job search, you need to approach it as though it’s a marketing campaign. The recruiters are the buyers, and you are the product. As a product, you have to articulate your value proposition—essentially your advertisement clearly. Your value proposition is an important part of your job search plan.

The rate of success for your job search lies in your ability to fine-tune your value proposition. So what exactly is your value proposition? It’s a unique benefit that you can offer a company that matches their exact needs.

Identifying Your Value Proposition

You may be thinking that all professionals in your field basically perform the same duties, so how will you come up with unique talents that set you apart? The key to finding what separates you from the competition is discerning what you do best. Oftentimes, what you do naturally may be a struggle for others.

If you excel at problem-solving, time management, or analyzing data, remember that many others might consider these areas their weaknesses. Once you discover your value proposition, you’ve unleashed your marketing advantage.

A great way to uncover your biggest accomplishments and strengths is to use the C.A.R. (Challenge, Action, Result) method. By going through your accomplishments and discovering the challenges you faced, the actions you took to fix them, and the result of your efforts, you’ll get a better understanding of your strengths and, thus, your value proposition.

Determine What You Can Accomplish for a Company

When targeting your applications to specific job postings, you can utilize your value proposition to communicate what you can accomplish for a company clearly. Study their job postings and websites to uncover their unmet needs.

Once you’ve discovered their areas of focus and need, you can position your resume, cover letter, and other career documents to match those needs. Demonstrating to recruiters how you will solve their problems and bring strength to their company is the best way to position yourself.

Your value proposition does not end here. You will carry it with you throughout the entire job search process as your marketing strategy. Communicate your value proposition in your LinkedIn profile and while you network. And once you land that all-important interview, be ready to further discuss your accomplishments and strengths in great detail.

So remember, a well-thought-out value proposition will:

• Create a strong differential between you and your competition

• Increase not only the quantity but the quality of  your prospective job search leads

• Gain interest from companies and position you as a desirable candidate

• Assist you in enhancing your career documents and tools to improve your job search

Your job search is not the time to undersell yourself or be modest. Your positive track record and ability to bring value to a company will override any possible concerns an employer may have about your application. Fine-tune your value proposition and keep it consistent throughout your job search. It will become your brand and will end up getting you hired. Remember, companies want to know what you can do for them, not the other way around.

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