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How to Position Yourself for a Job You May Be Overqualified For

jobSo you’ve come across your ideal job, but you’ve got so much relevant experience you’re afraid you might appear overqualified. Don’t panic. In order to land this type of job, you just need to overcome any possible objections that an employer might have, and use the situation to your advantage. Here’s how to position yourself for a job you may be overqualified for.

Put Yourself in The Employer’s Shoes

Sometimes an employer may be thrilled at the prospect of an applicant who can easily do the job for the salary offered. However, usually employers hold reservations towards these types of applicants. When preparing your resume for this position and the interview, put yourself in their shoes. If you were making the hiring decision, what would your views be about an overqualified candidate?

The benefits of overqualified candidates are that they require very little training and have extensive, proven experience with the knowledge of how to accomplish things. The downsides are that they may get bored quickly and jump ship easily. Another question they may ask is why a seemingly overqualified candidate would be willing to “settle” for a position that is less than they are capable of. They could view other candidates as more willing to work harder and prove themselves in order to keep their job.

Focus on the Benefits of Hiring You

In order to properly position yourself, you are going to have to focus on your strengths and the benefits you will provide to an employer. There are many employers who would welcome an applicant with in-depth skills and experience even if you may be overqualified. Hopefully, you’ll fit easily into their organization. Your job is to effectively market yourself in a way that highlights these points.

Emphasize your history of loyalty and strong performance record at your previous jobs. This will show future employers your staying power, putting an end to some of their worries about your stability while also showing that you will continue to work hard. Also, highlight the advantages of hiring someone with your extensive experience. Stress your ability to transition smoothly and require little supervision. Also emphasize your desire to find a long-term position where you can grow with the position as required.

By emphasizing your strengths that an employer can benefit from, you will be able to successfully position yourself into the running of any job, even those that you may be overqualified for.

Have you been in this situation before? How did you handle it to land the job you wanted? Comment and share below! Need additional assistance? Reach out to Candace to learn more!

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