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How to Secure Your Resume Against Fraud

fraudWhenever you post your personal information online, there is a potential threat for fraud. The same can be true when posting your resume on one of the many job search sites. Below we will examine how to secure your resume against fraud so that you can utilize this helpful resource in your job search.

Things You Should Never Include

While fraud is prevalent online, it tends to remain focused on online retailers. As job search sites tend to be free services, the information contained in your resume (which can be easily found other places, like in a phonebook) is not enough to put you at risk. That being said, you should still be mindful about the type of information you include. To keep yourself protected from fraud and to avoid releasing personal information, you should never include your social insurance number, driver’s license number, bank account information, credit card information, or date of birth on your resume. You should not be sharing any of this information with a potential employer until you are confident about the opportunity.

Set Your Visibility

If you still have reservations about posting your resume on job sites, you have the option of limiting your resume’s visibility. When posting your resume on one of the many sites like Monster or Workopolis, you have the flexibility to choose who can view your resume. For instance, if you are currently still employed, you will want to be more discreet in your job search. You don’t want to risk your present employer seeing that you are actively seeking a new job. That could have dire consequences for you. On the other hand, you want potential employers to be able to find you.

When posting your resume, you can choose from posting it publicly, having it confidential, or even private from viewers. These different options give you varying degrees of visibility so that you can find the perfect fit for your current job search situation. The public viewing option is straightforward. It allows employers to find you when they conduct a resume search. Having your resume searchable will allow you the widest access to job opportunities, as many employers will do a resume search instead of, or before, posting a job listing.

Try Going Confidential

You can also choose to keep some of your important information confidential. Although your resume will still be searchable to employers, your contact information along with your references and current employment information will be kept private. This is a perfect option if you are concerned about fraud, or if you are currently employed.

Lastly, you can make your resume private, which means that it will not be searchable by employers. You can still, however, use your posted resume to apply for jobs or when contacting potential employers.

No matter which way you choose, remember that online job search sites are a generally secure tool. Remain cautious and refrain from including confidential information on your resume to secure yourself against fraud.

What measures do you take to increase your security while job searching? Comment and share below! If you need help with your job search, reach out to Candace for assistance!

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