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How to Survive a Lengthy Job Search

job searchIf you’ve been enduring a lengthy job search, don’t get too down. You just need to learn how to survive a lengthy job search. It may be time to gain some new job search techniques and alter some of those you are already using. Too many people, upon getting frustrated, will abandon their search in favor of returning to school, settling for unemployment, or a job that is easy employment. Remember that a job search takes time, and if you remain dedicated and energetic in your search, it is bound to pay off in the long run.

Below are some tips on how to stick out your job search, and give your job search that needed boost.

1. Network:

Your network is an incredibly important job search tool. Remember to use every contact, and not just for job leads but for introductions to important people inside companies as well. Use your network to get the word out that you are looking for work. Utilize resources such as employment offices, professional associations, fellow job seekers, and don’t forget about social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook.

2. Broaden Your Search Techniques:

Try not to get too safe or comfortable in your job search by utilizing the same search techniques. A job search will require you to get out of your comfort zone and try some things that may make you nervous. For instance, it may be time to try some other ways to get in touch with employers. You can ask employers for informational interviews, where you can discuss industry trends, or you can conduct cold calls. A cold call is when you call hiring authorities that you don’t know and ask them if you can meet with them, even if they haven’t advertised an open position.

3. Be Flexible:

In order to be successful in your job search, you may be required to be more flexible than you may like. This may mean putting aside your dreams of working for your ideal company in a role with loads of perks. You may have to wrap your head around taking an entry level job with fewer perks, lower salary, and fewer benefits. Another option is looking for work outside of your city or state. Considering moving to a hotter job market could make the difference in landing a good job.

4. Consider Part-Time or Casual Work:

If you’ve been at your job search for quite a while, it may be a good idea to consider part-time or contract work. This will help you to make ends meet, can give you networking opportunities, and give you more work to put on your resume, showing employers that you’ve made the most of your time while on the job hunt. Who knows, that maternity leave placement or internship could lead to full-time employment down the road.

5. Think Outside the Box:

If you have an entrepreneurial side, why not consider going into business for yourself? If you can’t find your perfect job, make it for yourself! Or, if you don’t want to take the entrepreneurial leap, why not consider a self-employed contract, or consulting work? Although you may not want to continue down this path forever, it again can be a great way to network and get yourself exposed to other companies and even other industries.

What methods have you used to get you through a long job search? Comment and share below! If you need additional help, reach out to Candace for assistance!

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