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Tips to Prepare for a Job Search Networking Event

networking eventWhen you’re planning to attend a networking event during your job search, there are important things you need to know to prepare yourself. Here are some tips to prepare for a job search networking event so you can take full advantage of its benefits.

Job Fairs

The most common networking event for job seekers is the job fair. Attending job fairs allows job hunters to have the opportunity to meet with potential employers in one location, and helps you to expand your networking contacts. This particular networking event can be overwhelming, especially for those who are waiting for the same employer while vying for the same job position.

Other factors can also add to the ongoing pressure, like the dreaded on the spot interview and the already present confusion due to the number of applicants present. But if you come prepared to a job search networking event, you can take it as an advantageous benefit to your job search because you will have come well-equipped to face all the challenges that may come your way.

There are several tips you can use to help you prepare for your job search networking event. These include:

• Smart Dress and Good Hygiene

Before you go to a particular networking event, you need to make sure that you have professional attire to wear to the said event. You do not need to dress overly formal, but what you need is a smart business suit and tie or a casual dress that will present you in a professional way. You will make a much better impression on employers when you appear professionally dressed.

And since a networking event is always packed with people, you need to observe good hygiene. Make sure that you are clean shaven, showered, and your clothes are freshly laundered.

• Ready Your Business Cards

Networking events, like job fairs, are one of the best ways to enhance your networking contacts. When you attend these events, always make sure to have your business cards with you because you will never know who you will meet that can help you expedite your job search. Your business card is a sure way for people to effectively remember you once the networking event is over. You can also collect other professionals’ business cards so that you can keep in touch, grow your network, and broaden your job search.

• Prepare A Short Elevator Speech

When attending a networking event for your job search, you will be meeting a lot of people. You need to have at least a short speech that you can use to sell yourself to potential employers and other individuals. Your elevator speech should sum up who you are as a professional, and what type of work you’re interested in. It should only be a couple minutes long. You need to practice your speech ahead of time so you won’t stutter or be too nervous when you have the chance to use it in front of an audience.

What job fair tips do you have? Comment and share below! Need additional preparation? Reach out to Candace for help!

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