How to Network Using LinkedIn to Uncover the Hidden Job Market

Do you know how to use LinkedIn to uncover the hidden job market to conduct a quicker career search? Networking remains the number one way to find a job. That’s why social networking has become such a popular tool for job searching.

Social networking allows you to meet and communicate with different professionals and contacts within your field. Great tools such as LinkedIn allow you to expand your networking in new ways.

For instance, LinkedIn allows you to network with other professionals and also allows you to market yourself through your online profile — helping recruiters find you. Locating a new position through the hidden job market is the number one method to secure a job. Don’t underestimate the power of networking.

Use LinkedIn to Network and Accelerate Your Job Search

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

To succeed at networking on LinkedIn, you first have to have an optimized LinkedIn profile. Optimizing your profile is essential to your success. With a complete profile, valuable and varied content, and a broad network, you’ll stand out from the crowd, attract more attention, and ultimately get better results with your job search.

First, you need a catchy and keyword-rich headline. Your tagline or headline does not have to be just your current job title or last-held position. Instead, be creative and come up with a few words that best describe you, keeping your target job titles in mind. Look at other profiles within your industry and notice how the best ones set themselves apart, with an attention-grabbing tagline, which also includes their job title.

LinkedIn Summary – Your Story

Your summary needs to highlight your story – your strengths, passions, career highlights, and breadth and depth of experience in various industry capacities or domains. The character restriction is 2000. To catch the reader’s attention, pen it in the first person. In a couple of sentences, you could also mention how/why you chose your field or made a transition into your current career. However, make sure it is not too lengthy – ideally, limit it to about 3-5 short paragraphs.

Note: Don’t forget to include your short-term and/or long-term goals in this section. If a prospective employer is unable to figure out what you want to do next, there is every chance you might get passed on.

An Optimized Profile Needs Keywords

Sprinkle keywords throughout your profile. Research the relevant keywords for your industry in your target job descriptions, and mention them through your entire profile, including the summary. These words are what companies and hiring managers use to find professionals like you.

Also, don’t be afraid to display your work! If you link to a past project or work that you are proud of, showcase it by uploading it in the Summary section or under individual job descriptions. You can also include it under the Projects section.

Lastly, optimize your LinkedIn profile by customizing your LinkedIn profile URL. LinkedIn provides a default URL, which contains a string of characters and numbers. Personalize your profile URL by going to ‘Edit Public Profile URL’ under Settings.

Job Searching on LinkedIn

By using LinkedIn, you can search for jobs on LinkedIn itself.

Use the advanced search option to tailor your search down to specific job titles, dates, companies, locations, and job functions. Let’s say you type in “human resources” to the advanced search under your specific location.

Recruiters on LinkedIn may contact you to present career opportunities but actively find relevant job postings. After you’ve found openings that interest you, you also have the ability to research different recruiters on LinkedIn to prepare you for the application process better and allow you to learn more about the position and company before the interview.

Gather Good Connections and Networking

The number one benefit of joining LinkedIn lies in its networking capabilities. Correctly using LinkedIn to connect with other members and build your network can pay you big career dividends.

By networking and making connections with people, you may find that you have shared LinkedIn connections with some of the job posters. That means you will have an inside edge to help connect you with the job.

Since LinkedIn is a bit like Six-degrees of Separation, you will be able to map out, through your connections, how to connect with people who may help land you a great interview. The more connections you have will translate into more job opportunities, but keep in mind that you don’t go overboard.

Connect with people you know and trust or have business relationships with; there is no need to connect with everyone.

Reach Out to Hiring Managers and Recruiters

You should also not be afraid to reach out directly to hiring managers. For instance, if you are targeting a Marketing Manager position, you can search LinkedIn for the senior managers of companies you are interested in and send them an In-mail message.

(In-mails can be directed to individuals who are not in your network, only if you have a Premium subscription.) Alternatively, you could use sites like Voila Norbert, FindAnyEmail, or download Chrome extensions like Hunter to find their email addresses. Reaching out directly via email is a great way to establish and build a genuine relationship.

Complete an All-Star Profile

When searching for jobs on LinkedIn, remember to have your profile completed and up-to-date. Writing your profile for your job search is imperative because everything you do on this amazing social media networking site mostly depends on what your profile says about you. An All-Star profile means a completed profile.

LinkedIn will acknowledge your profile if it is 100% complete by giving you an All-Star status. LinkedIn is designed to connect people, jobs, and groups based on the keywords that are common to them. Be sure you complete your profile and be mindful of the keywords you use; they must be relevant to your job search.

Make your profile as detailed as possible, listing all your important information about your past and present employment, education, industry, and websites. Remember to include all the keywords and skills from your resume in your profile, so employers can easily find it. Ensure you add a professional photo to your profile. It should just be a headshot. Showing your smile is always a nice touch.

Updating Your LinkedIn Profile

Searching for a job on LinkedIn is not as easy as people will make you believe. You have to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date. You have to change your status from time to time to reflect your search; also, remember to update your profile as often as any new thing pops up. An effective profile can skyrocket your job search results.

Using LinkedIn for Recommendations

The option to include recommendations from your real-world network will help build your credibility and carry a lot of weight in your profile. Testimonials are just like the traditional references on your C.V., so ask people you know in your groups, past school representatives, supervisors, other teachers, and connections to recommend you.

Recommendations from your connections add credibility to your ability and validate your accomplishments. They are genuine and highlight specific qualities that are not found on your resume (where achievements are sometimes puffed up).

When you request a recommendation, you could also specify a quality or skill you want to recommend.

Related to your recommendations are your profile connections. Have a quality network on LinkedIn to reap all of its benefits. The more connections you have don’t always mean better. Think quality over quantity!

You have to be seen before you are even considered, and to do so, you need to join groups on LinkedIn and make as many connections as possible. Groups relevant to your job search are also important because hiring managers and recruiters often meet their ideal candidates.

There are many ways to grow your network on LinkedIn to optimize your career and job search success.

It’s time to let your connections go virtual. Utilize the great benefits of job searching on LinkedIn. It’s amazing what kind of great jobs a friend-of-a-friend may have inside information about. Embrace technology and let it assist you in finding a great new job.

Benefit from Your LinkedIn Profile Now!

Although your LinkedIn profile is so important to your professional brand, it can be tough to write it yourself.

Most people find it hard to boast about themselves, and, additionally, it can be hard to find the time or motivation to complete it!

However, if you fail to complete your LinkedIn profile, you will be missing out on networking and job opportunities.

So, it’s time to transform your underperforming LinkedIn profile into a POWERFUL career tool that highlights your professional skills, experiences and impresses and grows your professional network.

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