Review Job Postings to Target Your Resume

Review job postings to target your resume. If you are stuck as to where to start when it comes to creating your resume and cover letter, look no further than industry job postings.

Gather useful information to incorporate into your career documents directly from job postings. Before creating or updating your resume and cover letter, search available job openings for a list of responsibilities and key skills. Look at multiple sample positions to can get an overall impression of the desired skills and expertise that companies are looking for.

Know What Companies Are Looking For

From these ads, you should be able to identify the key skills, keywords, profile, and overall presentation that their desired candidate should have. This information is vital to make your resume stand out from the competition and is also a great starting point. Once you know what companies are looking for, you can then look to your own experience and skills to discover which of these you possess.

Make a list of the skills and attributes you possess that are also listed in the job postings. Next, brainstorm accomplishments and experiences you have had that highlight these skills and attributes.

Once you’ve come up with some, then you can incorporate them into your documents. It’s important to incorporate as much of this information into your documents as possible. Your documents will be much more effective if you can target them specifically to what companies are looking for.

Visit the Company Site

In addition, visit the company’s website to find out more desired qualities and skills. It will also give you more details about the company itself. Read their mission statement, objective, press releases, and news to help you pull out information that is important to them so that you can highlight these in your skills and experience. Show that your vision and theirs are directly related.

Your resume is meant to showcase your skills and what you have to offer. Finding out what is important to them as a company, as well as paying attention to what type of candidate they are looking for, will help you do just that.

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