Job Searching During The Holidays

If you are planning on not job searching during the holidays you are making a big mistake. As a job seeker, you may be viewing the holiday season from a different perspective than when you were employed. When we are safely employed, even in a job that we don’t particularly enjoy, we tend to take our status for granted and so aren’t usually as appreciative of what benefits steady employment provides.

During the holiday season especially, it can be very difficult to overcome the obstacles of unemployment. It can put a cloud over the Winter break, with the added anxiety, the stretching of funds, and being surrounded by friends and family who may not understand your situation.

It’s important, that even when facing a tough situation like unemployment during this holiday season, to be appreciative of everything you do have and to enjoy this time with friends and family to the fullest. A job search can be very tough and frustrating, so the holidays can be a great way to relax a little and enjoy some quality time with those you love the most.

In addition to the fun and relaxing family time and holiday celebrations, the holiday season is also a great time to continue with your job search. It is a bit of a falsehood that job searches should halt during the holiday break.

Although it may be true that there are fewer people working during the holidays, if there are positions that need to be filled…they need to be filled, regardless of whether it is holiday time or not. And because most people believe it is useless to keep their job search up during the holidays, this means the pool of candidates will decrease, allowing you to have a better shot at being picked for these positions.

If what you really want for the New Year is a new job, then work to achieve it!

Here are some job search activities that you can do during the holidays:

1. Update your CV

The number one thing you need to have up-to-date and ready to go at a moment’s notice is your resume. Without this ready, you may miss out on exciting opportunities. If your resume is up-to-date, then when you find a position, you will only need to quickly tailor it to the position before sending.

2. Set up appointments during the week between Christmas and New Year

Plenty of people are still working during this week and they may have free time to talk with you which they wouldn’t during busier times of the year.

3. Update your LinkedIn Profile

Just like your resume, your online profiles need to be impressive and up-to-date. Make sure it is complete as well, as this will improve your search results. You can also use LinkedIn to engage in the online networking community by joining groups, commenting on forums, and making professional connections.

4. Prepare for January

Many people take the holidays off, promising themselves that they will restart their job search in the New Year. Instead of putting it off until January 1st, get started planning now so you’ll have a head start over other job seekers. Get meetings and informational interviews scheduled for the New Year now. It will feel great to have meetings scheduled for the New Year all ready.

The holiday season is a time for joy, family and giving, so enjoy your festivities and don’t forget to take some well needed time for yourself!

Have any other tips to share with fellow job seekers? Comment and share below! If you need additional help, reach out to Candace to learn more!