New Year’s Resolutions for Your Job Search

Now that we have officially rung in the new year, it’s important to keep focused on your job search goals for the new year. If you are currently looking for a new career or job, you may want to turn some of your resolutions toward your job search.

So, how can you start the year off with a bang? Find out by reading some of these new year’s resolutions aimed at jump-starting your job search.

1. Improve Your Resume:

The number one way to get the attention of hiring professionals is through your resume. So it needs to be visually appealing, well written, and properly targeted toward your career goal. Your resume should be simple, yet elegant. Concise, yet incorporate all of your important professional achievements.

2. Schedule Your Job Searching Time:

Set up specific hours each day that you will devote to job searching activities. Make a daily and weekly schedule for yourself using Google Calendar or on your phone to keep you organized. You should be scheduling time for personal meetings, cold calls, networking, job and company research, interview preparation, and applying for positions.

3. Tap into the Hidden Job Market:

Many job seekers only rely on online job boards to find jobs. However, you need to utilize other avenues as well. It’s time to develop a job search strategy that taps into the hidden job market by going after jobs that aren’t advertised. Networking is the key to utilizing this strategy. Talk to your professional contacts in different companies to find out about possible opportunities.

4. Volunteer:

A fabulous way to get your foot in the door is by volunteering or interning. Not only will you gain invaluable experience that allows you to utilize your skills and expertise, you will also gain important contacts and have an inside track into future opportunities. As well, volunteering is a fabulous addition to your resume to show employers that you’ve kept busy while job searching.

5. Learn Something New:

You often won’t even have to pay anything. It’s as easy as visiting the local library or surfing internet resources to enlighten your mind on a new workplace skill, new software program, or a new trend in your field. Take a free class or attend a non-profit seminar for job seekers to improve your job searching skills.

If it’s an organized class or seminar, you may have something new to add to your resume to show you are keeping busy during your job search and are focusing on your professional development.

6. Refocus Your Job Search Strategy:

With a brand new year, comes a new beginning to your job search and job goals. Put your job strategy into focus, building upon all the positive experiences you’ve had so far in your job search and using the negative experiences as a learning experience. Prepare a list of the things you want to accomplish moving forward, and don’t forget to add deadlines to each task.

Jump start your professional job search by utilizing these new year’s resolutions and you’ll be well on your way to a successful 2014.

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