When and How to Use Email for Your Job Search

Email is a great way to quicken your job search. It saves you an abundance of time and energy over simply visiting a wide range of companies. In today’s technologically-driven age, email is quite simply one of the best methods to “get your information out there”. So, how do you use email for your job search?

When using email for your job search, it is vital that you remain highly professional and preserve your professionalism. Just as you would when applying for a job via the traditional hard-copy resume and cover letter.

Check Formatting

Your email messages should be formatted correctly with proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. Remember, a company may be receiving hundreds of emailed applications daily. Yours needs to stand out above the crowd. An emailed application must be given the care and consideration that you would put into an in-person or snail mail application.

Maximize the Subject Line

Have you ever emailed an application to a potential employer not ever knowing if they actually received it? To help the employer identify the position you’re targeting, it is essential to effectively address the subject line. This allows the receiver to know exactly which position you are interested in.

As stated above, the subject line is one of the most important parts of your email which will determine if your email will be viewed and forwarded on to a hiring manager or if it will be deleted. Always include a snappy, professional subject line that will instantly attract attention and inform the recruitment staff why you are sending the information.

Use a Professional Email Address

In addition, when using email as your primary source of your job search, you should keep in mind that your email address will tell an employer a lot about you. Having an email address like “sexychick@myhome.com” would not portray a professional image. The best way to remain professional and not miss out on a potential interview is to create an email solely for your job search. You can choose from any number of free email providers.

Below you will find additional aspects to keep in mind when composing your email.


If you know the name of the contact person, you need to address your email to him or her using the salutation “Dear Mr./Ms._____”. If you are not sure who to address your email to, start your letter with Dear Hiring Manager, Dear Personnel Manager or to the Recruitment Department. Keep in mind it is always best to do what you can to find out the name of the person making the decisions and address the email accordingly.

Body of the email

When you apply for a position by email, you can simply copy and paste the cover letter directly in the body of your email message. The cover letter can be shorter than a print copy cover letter. If the company requires you to send a separate attachment for your resume, you can attach your resume either in Word document or in PDF, whatever suits you best. If you’re asking about a specific job, be very clear and get to the point quickly.

Email Signature

Always remember to include your personal email signature on every correspondence you send. Include your full name and other contact information. Once again, it is important to thoroughly review your email to ensure it is formatted in a formal business manner. Check for grammatical errors and proofread to ensure there are no mistakes that can affect your image.

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