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Executive LinkedIn Profile Optimiztion - Branding Tips

Executive LinkedIn Profile Optimization – Branding Tips

If you are taking the steps toward building a powerful executive LinkedIn profile, or you want to optimize your existing LinkedIn profile, here are important things to keep in mind.

An executive LinkedIn profile that is optimized can make or break you on this leading professional networking site. It is critical you are putting forth the best first impression by following these executive LinkedIn profile branding tips.

Write a Searchable Executive LinkedIn Headline

First off, you want to pay special attention to all the information that will be first viewable to your audience when they come across your profile. That means anything that is on the screen when they open your profile. What they see first can make a huge difference in being noticed and considered.

Take advantage of what you can accomplish in this space to immediately capture your audience’s attention and promote your unique selling point. On a similar note, pay special attention to your grammar and spelling in your profile, as nothing looks more unprofessional than these types of errors.

Use Executive Keywords

Remember that you’ll rank higher in searches when people conduct LinkedIn people searches if you sprinkle select keywords and phrases that are relevant to your job target throughout your profile. At the same time, make sure not to litter your profile with the same keywords, as human eyes are also going to be looking at your profile. Your main goal is to write a compelling and interesting profile that also contains a few important keywords.

Complete Your LinkedIn Profile to All-Star Status

While you are in edit mode for your profile, check the scale showing the level of completeness. Your profile is not totally complete until your level of completeness scale shows 100%. Even though people viewing your profile won’t see this number, your profile will rise to the top of LinkedIn search results if you have a fully completed profile. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile will pay huge dividends if done correctly.

When you have a fully completed LinkedIn profile you will have a profile summary, a profile photo, a current position, two past positions, education, at least three recommendations, and specialties.

Once your LinkedIn profile is fully complete, save it as a PDF file for your records. Now it’s time to bring people to your profile. Include a link to your LinkedIn profile on your resume, along with your contact information at the top. You don’t have to stop there either. Include the LinkedIn badge in your email signature, on your website or blog, and anywhere else you’d like to.

What great LinkedIn profile optimization tips do you use? Comment and share below! Need additional assistance? Reach out to Candace to learn more!

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