Methods for Getting Focused on the Problem

Methods for focusing on the problem in front of you are fundamental to the outcome. If you find you have a large obstacle you aren’t sure how to tackle, it can be challenging to start.

It can even be difficult to explore your options or the choices that exist to deal with the problem.

I’ve come up with a method to help get over this hurdle.

Ask Yourself Questions

Ask yourself a series of questions. The answers you come up with will assist you in tackling the obstacle in the way of reaching your goal.

For example, find out what it is you want to achieve or what your ideal outcome would be. Envision what tackling your problem would look like. This will help you get a clear picture of what you want.

Discover Your Options

Once you’ve discovered what you want, you will have to research and determine appliable options.

Decide, out of what you have accomplished so far, what worked and what didn’t.

Figure out what tools and skills you possess to help you move forward. Decipher what kind of research you would need to complete to help you get to the next step. Figure out if there is anyone that could be of assistance to you.

If this was a problem, your friend or colleague was having, what action or options would you suggest?

Put Your Plan into Action

Once you’ve discovered your options, it’s time to put them into action.

Examine your list of ideas and discover the easiest or smallest step for you to take first. Find out which options or ideas intrigue you the most—these will make an excellent starting point.

Commit completely to three of your actions by the end of the week.

Once you’ve decided on your actions and your starting point, commit. Don’t waver on your commitment.

One productive method to carry out an assignment is to put pen-to-paper. Write down your end goal and the smaller goals you need to accomplish along the way to reach your final goal.

If you map out your plan, it will be much easier to navigate to success.

Hold yourself accountable—tell someone, make a schedule, and reward yourself when you finish each action.

When attempting to accomplish something where we are afraid of failure, we tend to want to hold it in and not tell anyone else about our plans.

This is a great disservice to ourselves because if we don’t let anyone know about our goals, then if we quit, we are the only ones who know. By telling friends and family about our goal, we will be held more accountable for our actions and follow through on our plan.

Hold Yourself to It

Once you’ve figured out your plan to achieve your goal, you need to make a schedule and hold yourself to it. Make weekly goals for yourself. Not only will this assist you to stay accountable, but it will make your goal seem less daunting if it’s broken up into small, weekly attainable goals.

At the end of each week, give yourself a treat for accomplishing a goal. This will keep you motivated and positive to help you continue your journey to achievement.

Follow these steps, and you’ll find yourself on your way to accomplishing your goals.

What strategies have you used to accomplish your goals?

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