Think Broad in All Aspects of Your Job Search

When looking for a new job, you need to think broadly about your job search aspects. You need to uncover every possible lead and consider every possible avenue. Don’t fall victim to a narrow job search. Leave yourself as many opportunities as possible to find meaningful employment, and that means leaving no rock unturned.

Don’t Put All of Your Eggs in One Basket.

Don’t make the mistake of putting all of your eggs in one basket. If you think you aced an interview and therefore an offer is pending, continue to search for jobs. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and if you have nothing to fall back on, you put all your good job searching efforts at risk.

By having a few interviews lined up, you keep your skills sharp and increase your odds of finding a job. Along the same lines, don’t get overly excited about one opportunity in particular and forget about the rest of your job search.

Leverage out your risk of you not landing that job. Never stop actively searching until you’ve received and accepted a job offer.

Explore All Avenues

Also, don’t forget about all the different avenues you have to find a great job. You shouldn’t rely on just one medium to find a job. In this day and age, there are many different ways that companies advertise (and don’t advertise) for their openings. Consider using the internet, newspapers, professional associations, your network, job banks, and cold calls to find your perfect job.

One of the most effective ways to find job opportunities is through the hidden job market. The hidden job market entails job opportunities that are not advertised. The number one way to achieve success within the hidden job market is through contacting potential employers.

Once you have identified your selling points, focused on a target position, and identified a list of companies that are a good match, you are ready to make contact with the employer. Learn as much as you can about the employer’s needs, identify the decision-maker, and use this valuable information to get an interview.

The Call-Write-Call Method

Use the call-write-call method for contacting employers. First, call and verify the name of someone in the company who might hire you. You don’t need to speak to the actual hiring authority on this first call. You are simply calling to find out the information you need to write and send your career documents.

Next, send a cover letter and resume to the decision-maker. In the letter, be sure to specify your desired position and then state that you will be calling them within 48 hours.

Finally, call again, this time asking for the decision-maker by their name and title. If anyone asks why you’re calling, you can truthfully say, “they’re expecting my call.” Using this call-write-call method, every time you call a decision-maker, it will be a warm call, not a cold call.

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