Understanding Your Unique Selling Points

Understanding your unique selling points can help you succeed in your job search. Your unique selling points are traits that make you, “you”. They set you apart from the rest of the herd, as well as above the competition. Therefore, it’s crucial that you’re able to identify, understand, and market your unique selling points; thus helping you get one step closer to landing your dream job.

Start by Writing Your Resume

One of the best ways to discover what makes you exceptional is while writing your resume. While you’re busy showcasing your soft skills, hard skills, and relevant accomplishments, you’re also simultaneously uncovering your unique selling points. Perhaps you think that your skills are nothing to brag about, but they may in fact be highly coveted. One example may be your extraordinary talent to analyze sales data quickly and effortlessly while others may struggle to do so.

Examine Your Achievements

Examining your achievements and identifying a trend among them is another great method for determining a unique selling point. If you find self-reflection difficult, ask a family member, friend, or colleague to help you determine what makes you exceptional. Ask them to spot an impressive skill or talent that sets you apart.

Market Yourself

Once you’ve discovered your unique selling points and understand how to word them, it’s time to market yourself. The key is to highlight your distinctive traits in your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, during your interview, and in the follow-up thank-you letter.

Start in the Introductory Paragraph

In your resume, showcase your special talents and skills in your introductory paragraph. Why wait until the middle of the document to show potential employers how extraordinary you are? You should also tailor your accomplishments to directly reflect your unique selling points and how you apply them in the real world.

Your Cover Letter

Your cover letter should be full of your unique selling points as well. You need to immediately communicate why you deserve an interview and what sets you above the competition. However, you don’t want to go overboard or come across as arrogant. Tactfully weave your skills and traits throughout, while still reflecting on your relevant education and work experience. The same can be said for highlighting your unique selling points in your LinkedIn profile and the thank-you letter to be sent after the interview.

The Interview

When you’re called for the interview, think of this as your time to shine. This is the chance to demonstrate what makes you extraordinary and let the interviewer know why you’d make an outstanding employee. Reflect on what you’ve expressed in your application documents and convey your unique selling points during the interview. During the interview, you will be able to go into greater detail about your accomplishments than you are able to on your resume. Remember to remain humble when describing your accomplishments, but don’t undersell yourself. You only have one chance to sell yourself directly to employers, so make sure you take full advantage of the opportunity.

Lastly, after your interview, send out a thank-you letter to the interviewers reiterating some of your most pertinent skills and accomplishments that will help you in the new position. This will remind the interviewers of your value, as well as your continued interest in the position.

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