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5 Things You Can’t Leave Out of Your Resume

ID-100248984 (250x166)Here are 5 things you can’t leave out of your resume.

In order for your resume and cover letter to pass the ultimate test and gain the attention of employers, it needs to be an exciting read and compel hiring authorities to want to find out more about you. In order for this to happen, your resume needs to include these five important factors. Without them, your resume will fall short.

Below are the five key areas that your resume must incorporate to help you explain “what I do” and “how I do it”:

1. Value Proposition:

Your value proposition is the key thing that you can contribute, as well as the explanation of why the company should care. Your value proposition is the focus of your resume and cover letter. A great place to start is in your professional profile, which will demonstrate your value proposition through your highlight of professional skills.

2. Proof – Accomplishments:

Explain what you’ve done in your career that has value for the company, and predicts you’ll be able to do it again. This is where you back up your value proposition with facts and figures. Otherwise, it’s just bragging. This is the content that will help to get you hired.

3. Personal Brand:

Tell the company who you are and how you do what you do. Your brand will be echoed throughout your resume and cover letter. Your brand explains how you work and how your management style affects the outcomes of your department or the company as a whole.

4. Differentiation:

Differentiate yourself from the competition by telling the employer why they should hire you over everyone else. Remember that you can’t be all things to all people, nor should you want to be. Your resume needs to be targeted and showcase your unique talents. Show your unique professional strengths by highlighting the areas where you excel and backing them up with examples.

5. Passion:

Tell the company what you think and how you feel about your chosen field in both your cover letter and resume to properly convey your passion. The most effective area to display your passion will be right in your cover letter before the employer even gets to your resume. Introduce yourself to a company through a cover letter by highlighting your personality and professional traits. Discuss things in your cover letter that you don’t have an opportunity to in your resume. This includes highlighting your passion for your career, and the joy you get out of successfully making a difference for a company. You can also highlight your passion in your resume in the professional profile section.

A branded value proposition resume and cover letter are both built around these five concepts. When building your resume and cover letter, every word should count and none should be wasted. Remember to stay away from describing things that are not unique to you. If you put descriptions in your resume or cover letter that every person in your field does, take it out. Space is limited and every word used should be spent explaining what makes you different and special. This is your time to shine, so only highlight those things that can set you apart from the rest of the competition.

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