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How to Unse LinkedIn for Job Search Networking and Career Advancement

How to Use LinkedIn for Job Search Networking and Career Advancement

Are you using LinkedIn for your job search to network and market the value you can bring to an organization? Don’t miss out on this goldmine of potential career opportunities.

Many people have now heard of the professional network LinkedIn, but some job seekers are leery of using the platform or confused as to how it works and the benefits it could provide.

When talking to clients, I find many people assume that using LinkedIn is similar to other social media sites that exist like Twitter and Facebook.

LinkedIn has its own special niche in the world of social media. It is focused primarily on topics including careers, jobs, and professional growth, and other topics. LinkedIn is a platform to connect with professionals, as well as finding out more about companies you are interested in. Plus recruiters frequently search for talent on LinkedIn.


Networking remains the number one way for professionals to find a job. That’s why social networking on the internet has become such a popular and effective tool for job searching. Great tools such as LinkedIn allow you to expand your professional network in new and exciting ways.

Finding Jobs

By using LinkedIn you have two ways of finding jobs. You can search for jobs on LinkedIn itself, or you can search on LinkedIn’s partner, Simply Hired, to find jobs. You can use the advanced search option to tailor your search down to specific job titles, dates, companies, locations, and job functions. With all of the top 500 companies using LinkedIn, as well as countless smaller businesses around the world, it’s no wonder it’s fast becoming one of the most effective ways to find a job.

Process of Searching for Jobs

So, let’s say you type “advertising executive” into the advanced search under your specific location. Some opportunities will pop up on LinkedIn, but you will also find postings under Simply Hired. When you find opportunities that you are interested in, then you can send the company your resume directly, or you can choose to use the LinkedIn platform as a way to start the conversation.

When searching for jobs on LinkedIn, remember to have your profile completed and up-to-date. This includes uploading a professional photograph, as well as completing all necessary sections of your profile. Remember, because it’s an online profile, using proper keywords will be necessary to ensure you show up in search results. It is also always a good idea to have recommendations from your real-world network to build credibility and speak to your expertise in your field.

Building Connections

You may also find that you have shared LinkedIn connections with some of the job posters. That means you’ll have an inside edge to help connect you with the job. Since LinkedIn is a bit like Six Degrees of Separation, you will be able to map out, through your connections, how to connect with people who may be helpful in landing you a great interview.

It’s time to let your connections go virtual. It’s amazing what kind of jobs a friend-of-a-friend may have inside information about. Embrace technology and let it assist you in finding a great new job.

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