What Have You Accomplished In Your Career?

All professionals in an identical profession perform the same basic duties; however, what will make you stand out from the average candidate is how you portray job responsibilities on a resume. Convey in your letter you don’t simply perform the required duties but go above and beyond. This is why accomplishments are such an integral part of a resume.

Incorporating Accomplishments in Your Resume

When creating your resume, listing all of your accomplishments since the first grade is clearly not necessary. However, you should have something to be able to show a prospective employer.

What was the office like before you arrived? What was it like after?

How did you change or improve the situation?

What did you do to increase efficiency?

Did you increase sales/profits?

These accomplishment-based questions can help you beef up your resume and make you stand out against the competition.

What articles or books have you written? Were you on any committees or special projects?

Are you more of a leader or a follower?

These are questions to help you get started. When coming up with achievements, think of this series of questions: the challenge, the action you took, and the result. This will create an accomplishment statement that you can use in your resume.

Use Facts and Figures When Writing Accomplishments

Give examples that include facts and figures. You will want all the essential numbers on your achievements to be reflected in your resume.

An example would be “Increased sales by 30% over one year”.

This is an excellent method of displaying your success to a prospective employer because numbers give specifics. General statements are vague and may cause an employer to hesitate. An employer is looking to improve performance; it’s up to you to show how you can help achieve that goal.

Your accomplishment section will verify the results you have achieved and present the potential company’s hiring committee with the evidence that you have achieved results in the past; therefore, you will be able to meet or exceed the results they desire in the future.

Since previous work performance is a significant indicator for potential contributions, a list of preceding achievements and successes could pique a reader’s curiosity and ultimately secure a job interview in which to further elaborate on your professional skills, expertise, and successes.

Are you happy with how your resume and cover letter look and the content it contains? If you are a leader in your industry, you need to portray this in your resume and cover letter.

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