Take Control of Your Career Direction and Create Happiness

Years ago, companies seemed to be in charge of employees’ career direction. Not anymore; people manage their career direction by changing careers if needed. Now it’s up to you to take charge of your career path. Take the reins and initiate action to reach your career goals and aspirations. Jobs used to come with some [...]

How To Scrutinize Postings To Write Targeted Resumes

It is essential to scrutinize job postings to write targeted resumes for specific jobs – job postings and descriptions will help provide keywords and direction when you are stuck. You can find useful and helpful information to incorporate into your career documents directly from job postings. Before creating or updating your resume and cover letter, [...]

Writing resumes that achieve the WOW factor when the reader looks at your resume will require you to showcase your accomplishments. If successful, you will earn an interview. The document must show your value and make you stand out from the crowd. That is why, when writing a resume, you need to find your success [...]

Many companies request applicants to send their resume and cover letter by email, making it essential to do this correctly. Review these tips for writing and sending an email cover letter. Ensure your email cover letter is neat, enticing, concise, and in a professional format. Try to make your email look different than “just another [...]

Recharge Your Energy with These Job Search Tips

If you’ve been conducting a job search for a while now, chances are you need some job search tips to recharge your energy. Let’s face it: a job search can be a very thankless and grueling activity.  It takes a lot of work to maintain your job hunt: updating and editing your resume and cover [...]

Many people change careers from oil and gas to another industry with great success. Unfortunately, the oilfield industry has taken a tumble, and in some areas, job losses are increasing. This oil and gas slow-down could, of course, impact the stability of other sectors. Losing your job or actively seeking to change your career can [...]

Improve your resume with these resume writing strategies to generate more interviews—and ultimately job offers. As a resume writer with 16+ years of experience, I know it’s critical to write a visually appealing resume that is keyword-rich and accomplishment-based, to highlight the value you can bring to an organization. You don’t get a second chance [...]

Sales Executive Resume Example Loaded With Accomplishments

Sales executive resume sample: Emily was seeking senior sales and marketing position. She had written her resume, but it failed to generate enough of the right kind of interviews. We worked with her to develop a targeted resume profile and listed relevant core competencies. This sales manager resume example contains action words and keywords that [...]

This information technology resume sample will give you some excellent ideas of what to include and what to leave out of yours. As you know, there’s considerable competition in the IT job market. William’s resume showcases his technical skills, which are critical in this profession. His IT resume highlights his value by proving he can [...]

Purchasing Manager Resume Example – Procurement Executive

This purchasing manager resume example shows Robert is at a procurement executive management level with a strong purchasing background and substantial accomplishments and strengths. This purchasing manager resume example is loaded with strategic industry keywords to ensure that if the resume is scanned by the applicant tracking systems (ATS), it will get to the human [...]