When writing a resume, there are many things you need to keep in mind. However, all resume writing tips are not equal. Some are more important than others. And the number one tip for resume writing is ensuring that you dig for your professional accomplishments. So, if you take away only one piece of advice [...]

Share Your Unique Selling Point During the Job Interview

Communicating your unique selling point includes uncovering the top relevant talent that makes you desirable and different than the other candidates. Aside from your resume, you will need to sell yourself and your brand in the job interview. Keep in mind you will have multiple unique selling points (USPs). Whether you’re a real estate agent, [...]

Of all the executive resume writers’ tips, I have, effectively communicating “yourself” to better meet hiring managers and executive recruiters’ demands is the most important one. You’ll see endless lists appearing online and in top business magazines every year showing the desired skills and attributes looked for in chief executives. These qualities are gathered from [...]

Let’s discuss writing a military to civilian resume to highlight your areas of relevant expertise to target a new career. Are you staring at a resume full of military jargon and acronyms, wondering how to make the crossover into the civilian sector? You are not alone! Thousands of individuals who have served in the Army, [...]

Are you trying to determine if you need a Canadian curriculum vitae (CV) or a resume to apply for a job posting in Canada? We’ll discuss the difference between the two documents to determine which is best for your career as a job seeker. Learning how to write a Canadian resume or CV properly will [...]

Canadian Immigration – 10 Canada Job Search Steps

Are you planning on immigrating to Canada? These Canadian immigration job search steps, which include writing a Canadian resume or CV curriculum vitae for the job market, should help you reach your career goal. Securing a new job is a critical first step to getting settled in Canada. I hope these tips, strategies, and professional [...]

Is Your Resume Grabbing Attention for the Right Reasons?

Your resume will either grab the reader’s attention or not. Grab a coffee and read these in-depth resume writing tips. It’s not simply enough to capture a person’s attention; you must win the hiring manager’s interest for the right reasons! The first screening of your resume is critical to landing an interview, and this is why [...]

How Useful Networking Will Enhance Your Career and Life

Do you know why you should be networking during your job search? In business and the professional world, who you know is almost as important as what you know. Your ability to network can have enormous benefits on your career and overall life success and happiness. The larger your network is, the more support and [...]

How to Develop a Job Search Plan to Achieve Results

Embarking on a job search can be overwhelming. Developing a robust job search plan will help. After you know what position(s) you would like to target, you will need to write a focused resume and cover letter. In today’s highly competitive job market, you must create a written job search plan. The days of just [...]

Knowing how to write a curriculum vitae CV or resume for a career change is a learned skill, or should we call it a talent or art? One of the hardest decisions you will encounter during your professional career is the decision to change jobs. The safe choice is to stay in your current job, [...]