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First Impressions Are Made At The Interview Introduction

interview introductionFirst impressions are made at the interview introduction. The first five minutes of your job interview often sets the stage for the whole interview process that will follow. If you can make a good first impression, you’ll find that the rest of your interview will go much more smoothly, be more enjoyable, and you’ll be much more confident and relaxed.

What you wear to a job interview can be as important as what you say.

Like it or not, we are a very visual society, and first impressions are made primarily based on our appearance. What you wear says a lot about who you are, what kind of employee you will be, and how well you will fit in to the company culture. With your appearance, making a mistake is much more noticeable than when you dress appropriately. For instance, employers will definitely notice if a candidate enters the room while chewing gum, showing piercings or tattoos, or if they show up wearing a track suit, jeans, or spike heels. Remember to always dress professionally, conservatively, and to dress for the position you want. This will ensure a positive first impression.

Greet the interviewer.

Even though this sounds simple and straightforward, greeting the interviewer is something that many overly-nervous people forget to do, and it can go a long way. If you notice there are multiple interviewers when you enter the room, greet each of them individually. When you are greeting your interviewers, don’t forget to formally introduce yourself unless they speak to you by name. Some interviewers will interview so many people that they may not know who you are, so introduce yourself. You should also firmly shake their hand when you greet them.

Remain standing until the interviewer asks you to take a seat.

And when you sit down, relax but be careful to not slump or lean on the interviewer’s desk. In the beginning of your interview, you should be prepared to both make small talk, as well as talk about yourself, as most interviews will begin with questions centered on you as a person.

Don’t forget to smile.

A smile can go a long way and set both you and your interviewers at ease. Body language goes a long way to help the interviewers form an impression of you. Everyone is nervous during an interview, but try to consciously remember not to fidget, slump in your chair, look down, or frown as these will all be seen as negative in the eyes of your interviewers.

Make eye contact.

When speaking to your interviewer, make eye contact in a way that you would with a friend during a casual conversation. Also when speaking, remember to speak in a firm, clear, confident tone. It won’t matter how great your answers are to the interviewer’s questions if they can’t hear or understand them.

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