Resume Keywords and Phrases are Critical to Include in Your Resume

Resume keywords and phrases are critical to include when writing your resume and cover letter. Use the right ones to gets your resume past the applicant tracking systems and into human hands.

Most companies use digital databases, called applicant tracking systems or resume screening systems, to search candidates. The human resource department will search queries based on specific resume keywords and phrases to find candidates they wish to call for a job interview.

If the resume you have written doesn’t have those targeted keywords, it won’t get to the human eye. Another place to incorporate keywords without making it evident to the reader is your cover letter.

Why Do Companies Use Keyword Searches?

Many businesses and organizations have turned to keywords due to the large number of resumes they receive. Employers can’t sift through hundreds of resumes for each job opening. Putting resumes into a database that will search out desired keywords helps managers or recruiters narrow down the candidates to interviews. Approximately 80% of companies are now searching for job-specific keywords as a way to sift through applications.

What Types of Words Are Keywords?

These keywords are usually nouns. Even though action verbs are still an essential part of your resume, employers also are concerned about what you know in terms of industry skills and knowledge. Words such as: “project management,” “team management,” “personnel training,” “budget development,” “construction management,” “sales programs,” and “horizontal drilling” are all possible keywords depending on your industry and the position.

Examples of Job Specific Resume Keywords or Phrases

The following keywords are examples of what could be incorporated in the resume if relevant to your expertise.

Human Resources (HR) Manager

Contract Negotiation
Performance Management
Workers’ Compensation Administration
Succession Planning
Job Analysis
Settlement Negotiations
Interviewing and Recruitment
Lawsuit Settlement
Job Description Development
Compensation Packages

These are just some of the keywords you can include throughout the resume. The key phrases you will determine will depend on your career background and the position you wish to secure.

Health and Safety Manager Keywords

Health & Safety Management System Implementation
Health & Safety Training Development
OHS Legislation, Codes & Standards
Analysis & Metrics
Audits, Inspections & Risk Assessments
Policy & Program Development
Coaching & Mentoring
Workplace Violence Investigations
Ministry of Labour
Occupational Hygiene Testing

Personal Support Worker Keywords

Holistic & Patient-Focused Care
Performance Standards
Assessing & Meeting Patient Needs
Proactive Problem Solving
Patient and Guardian Communication
Multi-tasking & Time Management
Building Professional Relationships
Daily Living Support & Hygiene
Medical Monitoring Skills

Maintenance Electrician Keywords

Blueprint Interpretation
Circuit Breakers & Transformers
Electrical Wiring
Commercial & Residential Construction
Service, Repair, & Maintenance
EHT Programming
Troubleshooting & Repair
Preventative Maintenance & Testing
Procedural Compliance
HSE Practices & Work Permit Systems
IDLH Experience with SCBA

Oil and Gas Consultant Keywords

Project Management
Well Site Supervision
Oil & Gas Wells
Completions & Workover
Leadership & Team Building
Equipment Maintenance
Equipment Maintenance & Inspections
Safety & Regulation Compliance
Preventative Management
Quality Control Management
Coil Tubing & Snubbing Operations
Productivity Increases

Office Administrator

Office Administration
Accounts Payable/Receivable
Senior Management Support
Project Management
Sales & Contracts
Digital Advertising
Customer Service
Database Maintenance
Account & Records Management
Marketing Campaigns
Desktop Publishing
Microsoft Office 365

 Well Site Supervisor Keywords

Project Management
Operations Management & Consultation
Team Building, Leadership & Mentoring
Horizontal, Vertical, & Directional Wells
Sweet & Sour Wells
Safety Compliance & Standards
Frac Operations
Troubleshooting Methodology
Environmental Compliance
Personnel Management
Protocols & Regulations

Chartered Accountant

Audit Management
Financial Accounting
Client Management
Workflow Prioritization
Financial Due Diligence
Business Process Improvements
Report Writing
International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
Regulatory Compliance
Leadership & Coaching Teams
Risk Assurance
System Audits
Global Experience

Professional keywords are known as current buzzwords or key phrases in each industry. They are widely used in different sectors to indicate the applicant’s knowledge of his or her profession.

When you include keywords in your resume, employers will conclude you know the language of your profession. This will significantly increase your employability and your chances of securing the position for which you are applying.

It is even better if you incorporate keywords into your accomplishments. Achievements will show evidence to employers that not only do you have knowledge of these concepts but that you have used these concepts to achieve results in your past jobs.

Selecting Resume Keywords and Phrases

There are lots of options for choosing keywords to use in your resume. Check the job description and related postings for a hint on what the company’s looking for in a new hire. They will often list several industry keywords in their job descriptions as they describe their ideal candidate. Look to your personal and professional experience for clues.

Pay attention to professional development initiatives you recently completed, such as workshops, seminars, and courses on new job methods. Use keywords associated with your goals for your professional career, industry specialty, and other activities that will help your resume stand out.

Our goal is to help you succeed in moving forward in your career by writing a keyword-rich, accomplishment-based resume and cover letter that will get you noticed and secure an interview.

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