How to Make Job Searching Easier and Quicker

Are you planning on job searching? Many professionals in Canada and around the world are starting to get prepared for upcoming job openings. The best thing to do is to be ready!

It’s time to stop procrastinating and get ready if you are laid off or make a career change. It never hurts to have an updated resume and cover letter to apply for the perfect job immediately.

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Before beginning your job search, you may want to take some time to reflect on your personal goals and priorities. Ask yourself: “What do I want out of my career?” The answer to this question will help you start on the right job search path. From here, you will be able to begin setting career goals. By establishing realistic, specific, and attainable goals, you will be able to realize what will make you happiest.

Make Job Searching in 2024 Easier With These Tips

Below are productive and straightforward steps you can take to jump-start your job search or at least make the process of finding a job more manageable.

Walk Away from the Computer to Network

Step away from your computer to engage in networking opportunities. Interact with a diverse range of individuals by attending job fairs and conversing with hiring representatives from different companies to discover new job opportunities. Many individuals primarily utilize online platforms for their job search, such as posting resumes on company websites and job boards. However, this method is passive and involves waiting for responses. To enhance your job search strategy, supplement online methods with face-to-face networking activities.

Take Stock and Pinpoint Your Unique Selling Points

Determine what skills are valuable to the company and its managers. Then, figure out your talents as an employee and match your skills and most substantial work areas with what the company is looking for. Lastly, highlight and showcase these skills in your resume and cover letter.

Attend Association Meetings, Conferences, or Events – and Network

Some professional associations have job postings available to their members. Other times, you will find leads directly from other association members. Attend your association meetings and network with other professionals in your field who may know of job opportunities.

Practice a 2-minute Commercial About Yourself.

Some refer to this as your “elevator speech.” An elevator pitch is essentially your answer to the question: “What do you do?” Your response should be straightforward, concise, and memorable.

Determine and Document Job Searching Goals

Set realistic career goals. For example, you could plan to contact ten new companies daily, send 20 resumes per week, or attend two job fairs monthly. Whatever goals you make, stick to them.

Stay in a Reasonable Frame of Mind

A positive attitude during your job search will go a long way. When things look bleak, look at the positive side. Don’t get down on yourself. Remember that finding the perfect job takes time and some rejection. Focus on the good over the bad. For instance, if you get called for an interview, concentrate on that instead of the resumes you sent out that didn’t get a response.

Be Accessible to Hiring Managers and Networking Contacts

Ensure availability to hiring managers and networking contacts by promptly responding to phone calls through voicemail or directly. Craft a professionally recorded message containing your full name and specified times for message retrieval and response. Consider providing only your cell phone number during your job search to enhance the chances of promptly answering calls from potential employers.

Be Excellent to Yourself.

Take care of yourself by exercising, eating healthy, and avoiding excessive alcohol. It will alleviate your mood and your stamina for your job search.

Treat Job Searching Like a Job

Each day, set your plan of attack, determine the goals you want to obtain, and follow through, just like you would at a job. Set aside specific hours each day to dedicate to your job search activities. This way, you’ll be sure to complete more job search activities daily, increasing your odds of success.

Prepare and Practice for the Interview

Preparation can’t be stressed enough. Think of tough interview questions the interviewer might ask you and come up with responses that include success stories that verify the authenticity of your response and, of course, show your value to the interviewer’s company.

Anticipate Concerns the Interviewers May Have

Concerns could include job-hopping, a short stay at your last place of employment, 20 years with one company, or lack of experience. Whatever the obstacle, being prepared will help you overcome it. If you’d like assistance with your interview preparation, we can help you with interview coaching.

Get Business Cards and Include a LinkedIn Profile

Having business cards with your name, city, province, phone number, LinkedIn profile URL, Twitter handle, and email is a professional and helpful job search tool. Invest in inexpensive business cards to hand out to others while job searching, including your industry title.

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Write Thank You Letters to Those Who Help With Your Job Search

Always send a letter of thanks to those who have helped you with any part of your job search. These individuals include networking contacts, references, association members, and decision-makers. Send thank-you letters to all of the people present at your job interviews.

Keep References Updated While Job Searching

Determine what positions you are applying for and interviewing for. This way, your recommendation contacts can tailor their responses to meet the requirements of the jobs you’re interviewing for.

Review Your Skills, Qualifications, and Accomplishments

Accurately determine and assess your relevant skills, qualifications, accomplishments, and the value you can bring to a company. Ensure your resume makes an excellent first impression and focuses on your appropriate outstanding credentials and qualifications that target the position.

Take control of your career destiny by implementing a few positive changes. Some of the above suggestions seem like little things but should not be overlooked. Sometimes, the little things you do while job searching matter the most. Don’t forget to recharge your energy as needed.

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Your imagination only limits the avenues of job hunting!