How To Land A Great Job Quickly

Prepare a strategy for attending a job fair to get results. Start by researching companies and organizing what you need to bring to the career fair. A career or job fair is where several companies from different industries come together to scout for new talent. At such an event, potential employees get the chance to [...]

How To Fill Out a Job Application to Increase Interviews

Completing job applications properly can be tedious and time-consuming. Job applications don’t replace a resume but are frequently required. How you complete them is crucial to your job search. Many employers request an application for conformity reasons and to obtain a signature from the applicant. Some companies require job applications because they want information provided [...]

Psychology of Goal Setting For Job Searching

The psychology of goal setting for job searching is important to understand. The most successful people in the world are those who set career or life goals and commit to achieving them. Before we examine the goal achievement challenge, we must understand the fundamental psychology of goal setting. That is to say, how it works. [...]

How to Organize Your Job Search to Stay On Track

It’s essential to organize your job search to keep track of your efforts. First, narrow the focus of your job target. Once you start looking down multiple avenues, you can become lost, and your entire job search can veer off course. Narrow Your Job Search Take inventory of your qualifications, credentials, and professional background. This [...]

How an Online Presence Can Affect Your Job Search

An online presence can affect your job search in a good or negative way. The information found online must be representing you in the best way possible. If you’re looking for a job or desire to land a better position for yourself in the future, you must develop an online presence. Showcase your skills, core [...]

Develop a Job Search Plan to Secure a New Position Quickly

Develop a job search plan to map out your job-hunting strategy efficiently. Use Monster, Indeed, or other reputable job search engines. This will help you find available jobs, descriptions, industry keywords, etc. Maybe you are interested in researching government career opportunities —as a reminder, make a note in your career advancement journal, such as “job [...]

Manage Your Time During Your Job Search

It’s critical to manage your time during your job search. Searching for a new position can be a full-time job, but what’s the most effective way to manage your energy and time? For most professionals seeking a job, the goal is to find the best opportunity quickly, but it can be challenging to implement this [...]

Reevaluate Your Job Search Methods for Future Success

If you’re feeling like your job search has hit a roadblock or aren’t seeing any progress, why not take advantage of the spare time you have to take care of some important tasks? Give yourself the time to reflect on your performance up to this point, reevaluate your job search methods for future success, and figure [...]

Are you using LinkedIn for your job search to network and market the value you can bring to an organization? Don’t miss out on this goldmine of potential career opportunities. Many people have now heard of the professional network LinkedIn, but some job seekers are leery of using the platform or confused as to how [...]

How to Write a Personal Statement for University

A personal statement can be a supporting document to your application package. Along with your resume, cover letter, and recommendation letters, a personal statement speaks to your skills and talents as a professional in your respective field. If you are a newly qualified professional or a career changer, a personal statement is even more relevant [...]