How to Write a Powerful Professional Resume

Understanding how to write a memorable professional resume will reduce the amount of time it takes to secure a job. Don’t let a difficult job market stop your career from flourishing.

Excellent candidates are constantly needed. If you write a top-notch resume it should get the results you need.

There are a few things to consider when creating a resume for a tough job market. Begin with your most current resume, if you have one, and adapt it to write an excellent, attention-grabbing professional resume for every case.

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Show What You’ve Done, It’s Evidence of Your Capability

Showcase results and achievements, rather than what you think you can do. It’s imperative for professionals to show they have achieved first-rate outcomes; this will point out to the reader you can do it again.

When you draft your professional resume, make certain you include particular examples of your achievements.

Use the C.A.R. approach:

What was the challenge? What action did you take? What was the result?

Write your achievement in a concise bullet point form to show your career success example.

Examples of professional achievements could include:

  • Launched successful acquisition of a multimillion-dollar investment company in 2015.
    • Company shares saw a 25% boost upon acquisition.
    • Company profits rose by $5.5M from 2016 to 2017.
  • Successfully penetrated saturated markets in China, Taiwan, and Malaysia to increase company profits, brand exposure, and company visibility.
  • Introduced additional growth-based products and services to expand the clientele base, including reaching out to a younger audience.
  • Collaborated with the Marketing and Information Technology departments to design and launch a new app with monthly subscription fees.

Show Versatility

Being versatile is crucial, especially in a horrible economy. The company may want you to work in more than one position. It’s vital to show this in your resume because it reflects your flexibility. Stress some of your secondary abilities, as well as your primary attributes.

For example, you may be qualified and knowledgeable as a marketing coordinator, add in your resume the details about your presentation skills and advertising prowess. The company may be looking for someone to fill a dual role, and by highlighting all your abilities, you’ll be more beneficial to the company.

Keep Your Professional Resume Updated

Refresh the content frequently to keep your resume current and ready to submit when a career opportunity is available. Include your most up-to-date relevant traits and career accomplishments, hang on to an electronic file of your resume along with comments about any recent courses or seminars you’ve attended and related experiences you’ve had.

Catch Up with Your References

Keep your references updated; let these people know you are searching for employment. Be sure they’re not caught off guard when a call for a reference is made. Include the top and most up-to-date references, written by those who know your abilities and will give you a glowing recommendation. As you update your references, always add in those who are at the “top of the ladder,” such as managers, executives, or department chair.

Use Keywords

Use the hottest industry buzzwords. This will prove you’re remaining progressive in your field, which increases the odds of your resume getting reviewed by the human resources manager if it’s electronically scanned. Likewise, keep abreast of the latest changes in your field so you can tailor your professional resume to match these trends.

Customize Documents

Customize your professional resume and cover letter to the individual job for which you are applying, if possible. This helps ensure your resume is tailored to a particular company’s desires. Have your resume professionally critiqued as well, preferably by our resume writing company.

I can review your resume and cover letter and let you know if your job search documents will stand up against your competition.

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