Job Interviewing Tips – Job Interview Questions and Answers

If you prepare for a job interview, it will alleviate stress and increase the odds of acing the interview. Having a phone interview or attending an in-person interview can be a nerve-racking experience for most seekers. The best job interview advice for relieving this stress is maintaining a positive attitude and being prepared for any [...]

First Impressions Are Made at the Interview Introduction

First impressions are made at the interview introduction. The first five minutes of your job interview often sets the stage for the whole interview process that will follow. If you can make an excellent first appearance, you’ll find the rest of your interview will go more smoothly, be more enjoyable, and you’ll be much more [...]

How to Practice Out Loud to Prepare for a Job Interview

Have you ever walked out of an interview saying to yourself, “I should have mentioned __?” “Oh, I could have explained to them that___.” Rest assured, you are not alone. The art of completing a successful job interview lies in knowing yourself, your successes, and how you will work in a specific position, and the [...]

9 Ways to Close a Job Interview Successfully

Whether you feel your job interview has gone well or didn’t get the job, you must leave the interview on a positive note. Remember that many people leave an interview feeling like they’ve blown it, only to receive a phone call a few days later offering them the job. You can never be sure what [...]

After Your Job Interview Make a Follow-up Phone Call

After your job interview is over and you’ve sent a personalized “thank you” letter, it can be agonizing waiting for that all-important phone call. If the hiring panel gave you a date and passed as to when you would hear from them regarding their decision, it is perfectly reasonable to call the company. If they [...]

What to Bring to a Job Interview: Tips and Tricks

Are you wondering what to bring to a job interview? Aside from copies of your resume, there are essential items you’ll want to take to the meeting. Coming to the interview ready includes knowing what you bring and being prepared mentally. Even though you don’t want to come with too much, there are certain essentials. [...]

Explaining Professional Accomplishments In a Job Interview

Throughout my many years as an interview coach, I’ve found that the most challenging task for job seekers is effectively selling their skills and uncovering and communicating their relevant accomplishments. Explaining professional accomplishments in a job interview can be a daunting task. Faced with a panel of skillful interviewers who will critique your every word, [...]

Interview Preparation Steps to Make a Great First Impression

Interview preparation is critical to making an excellent first impression with your potential new supervisor. Read the interview tips below to help you walk into the meeting room with confidence and ready to communicate the value you can bring to the organization. Know yourself and what you can offer. The initial step in getting ready [...]

How to Properly Dress for Your Job Interview

What you wear to an interview can be as important as what you say. Like it or not, we are a very visual society, and first impressions are made mostly based on our appearance. What you wear says a lot about who you are, what kind of employee you will be, and how well you [...]

A panel interview or committee interview is just what it sounds like— multiple individuals interview the candidate in a group. Companies commonly use this technique. Talking in front of an interview panel makes it easier for the decision-makers to reach a consensus on which candidate they would like to offer a job. For this reason, [...]